First Post in 2009! 

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for the belated New Year's greeting, I've been busy as usual

Well how was your new year's eve? I think everyone were celebrating new years in different ways, but I bet most of you had fun right? in my case, it was so so ~.~. At first my dad had a little new year's party at our house along with his collagues (so I had to stay at home and entertain them.. I couldn't go outside with my friends). Luckily my house is next to vice Governor's resident, so I could see the best fireworks in my town, man they were really wasting lot's of money for such beautiful fireworks.

That night, my favorite nephew had seizures attacks more than three times, I had to brought him to the Hospital... my family were all worried. I stayed there til' morning, in the morning he had seizure again. poor kid, The next day he was diagnosed with meningitis (an infection & inflammation of the membrane that covers the brain) it could cause seizure, plus he had history of Pneumonia just recently (last week he was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Pneumonia).

Right now, he's in stable condition but still in delirium stage. Hope he'll recover soon, I miss his cute laugh and smile.

This year, I don't have a new year's resolution, because everytime I made them, I always forgot... so I thought what's the purpose of making one? LOL

Well, but I'm glad that in previous year I had met soo many new friends especially Tomoe, Tomalicious members, TFGirls, etc. Though there are many obstacles throughout the year, but more great things also happened. Like my graduation from Medical School this mid October,moving out to a new house early this year etc.

2008 was also Toma's year! just as expected it was as bright as 2007! Toma in Honey & Clover, Maou, Grease, and the best new year's gift ever! TOMA in VOICE. I'm glad that even though he said he's changed but he doesn't seem to change at all, he's still the Ikuta Toma that I admire so much, acting wise and personality wise :P I will always pray for his best in 2009! may 2009 also become a great year for Toma, more dorama, more works, more fans, easier, funner, less harder and less obstacle for him. I hope Toma will also find love! LOL whether it's man/woman :P

My wish for myself in 2009 are : I hope I can become a good doctor, find love of my life and get married soon :p, (though I'm still 21 LOL but hey nothing's wrong with wishing right?), Wealth and Health for my parents and my sister, I Hope my sister can graduate soon from University and together we can reach our dreams. I hope I will become a better person, less emotional, more responsible and more dilligent. hehehe

and for all of my friends, old or new, best or close. I hope you get all you've been wishing for. Let's face the new year with a new spirit and optimism!~

PS: INDONESIAN TOMA FANGIRLS, I'm promoting a new TFGirls Forum

join us if you think you are Toma fangirls :D

click the link : http://s1.zetaboards.com/TFGirls/index/

We're not exclusive, everyone's welcomed with warm heart!

Good News 

I decided to keep this blog, so yeah I won't be deleting this blog after long consideration LOL
I've been busy at hospital,.. right now I'm in pediatric department
everything has been so hectic and there are lot's of poor kid with chronic illnesses
but everyday they always smile and energetic.
makes me feel.. that the only burden here is the senior doctors lol
Kids, I love them
but sometimes they don't like me hahahaha XD

anyway Merry X'mas and Happy New Year for you too

I also write more in my other blog~
click tomapink.blogspot.com

I wish next year will be a bright year for Toma's career and life
I wish VOICE will be successful and get high ratings
and Toma will be appear in more drama and get recognitions for his acting skill again :D

Love You all girls~

hisashiburi ne~ 

I guess it’s time for me to updating this blog again. I have 3 months holiday, a month I spent with my family at home, a month for vacation (yes I went to Bali and Jogja) and thanks to it I’m broke right now. I can’t believe that my parents didn’t let me go off alone to Singapore to visit Tarina T___T even when I said I’m going with my sister they didn’t approved. Demmit. I don’t know why but I think my parents still treat us like kids, you know.. they called everyday just to check where I am, and nagged when we forgot to call them for two days in a row...

The rest of the holiday I spent at home… alone… bored…. Internetless… and didn’t even study at all when I supposed to start internship in less than 15 days. I know it’s crazy, but I heard being a Surgical internship is easier and less hectic than pediatrics or obsgyn. Not that I think it’s easy but right now I don’t have a mood to study at all. I’m a last minute fighter you know, I used to procrastinate though I think it’s a really bad habit.. sigh

Anyway… I’m trying to create a paypal account, unfortunately paypal only receive payment from Niaga Bank.. T__T and I don’t have an account there. I only have Mandiri, BCA, and BNI..and to find Niaga Bank in my town is kinda hard… but I need a paypal account to buy Toma goods.. before Tarina moved to SG. We used to buy Toma’s related stuff using her dad’s credit card, and my dad refused to lend his credit card to me.. see what I told you that my dad still treats me like I’m a kid. Bleh

I have saved some money to buy GREASE DVD or whatever that will come out on sales plan… dakara… I want paypal!!! >___< I wish I earn my own money…

Dear Toma is really busy ne, I hope he takes care and work hard for the play! I have sent out birthday letters/postcards submissions from Toma’s Indonesia fans to scattie. I hope it will arrive soon. Ii na, to have more than 10 people participated ^^ I thought I would only got 2 or 3 submissions :D but it turned out quite well.. arigatou minna :D

Happy 1st Anniversary Tomalicious! 


Thanks to all the staffs, TFS team, and translators for all the hard works and efforts~
I love you guys so much.
Big Thanks also all the members, former staffs, and people who have contributed a lot to our forum.
Kore kara mo yoroshikuchan! hehe


Ps: I'm opening this blog again~ hehe

Yahoo! Summer Dorama Poll & MAOU starts tonight!!! 

Maou and Code Blue dominate the polling ^^


urrrmm.. can I hope a little about the rating? XD ekekekee
please vote for Maou and CB too!

TBS promo schedule since this morning LOLL
I agree about hijacking the airwaves ^^

05.30 - 08.30

08.30 - 09.55 AM
Today's hanamaru market with ohno as guest, no Toma though only VTR of him
I miss seeing toma in hanamaru

11.00 - 13.00 AM
both Toma and Ohno

14.00 - 15.33

16.52 - 18.55

and of course

22.00 - ??
TBS Summer Drama, MAOU

I bet people already sick of all Maou Promotions on TBS today lmao
but don't forget to watch Maou ne minna ^^ stick to your TV!
watch Maou okay! make the rating higher! :D

CB sugoii! 

Rating for the first episode 21.2%!
that is amazing! ii na.. I wish i could watch it last night
*darn connection*

*i miss my internet, sobs*

This means, big pressure for Maoh since people been saying that the dorama competes each other to get the best rating, but I think Maoh's rating will be lower than CB.. haha well who knows???

no matter the rating is, if we can still enjoy the show then it's enough
I learned not to paying attention to rating anymore since hanakimi XD wakakakaka
well in the Korea, the original drama rating weren't very high either

but it would be soo lovely if Maou get a great rating like CB too ^^
big pressure to Maoh team ne! ganbaree!
I'm sure lot's of people will watch

Tonight, I will just sit in front of my laptop waiting for live blogging/ live report T_________T
why oh why... internet why????


Since I've been hiatus for like a month or more.. I didn't notice some news recently T___T
so appparently Akijun had left the jimusho after his scandal with his model girlfriend, well months ago he's been suspended because of her picture with his girlfriend being leaked to the internet
actually his gf posted the picture on her mixi page *speaking of mixi, i haven't checked my page for months already*

He's been suspended from the activity for couple of months before the Jimusho found out that the girlfriend has also been pregnant T______T

Please give me sometimes to mourn first..


why?? why?? why?? why all the people I like left just like that? why? it's just a slight mistake.. when they still let Aiba, Yamaguchi continued their career without have to being suspended???

why Aki jun??? T_________________________T

... this is the end of my Johnnys fandom seriously, too much shit going on this agency, if only Toma and Yamashita weren't Johnnys... (and arashi and kanjani and T&T and MA of course) I don't even give a damn anymore about stupid JE

and speaking of shock!

Today I woke up early and watched J-Melo on NHK. Surprisingly the pv that they played was from Hey Gay Jump!

I'm currently internetless meaning I can't watch Maou tomorrow >__<
damn why everything just happened on a perfect timing, Akijun quit, Internetless, and the worst is Hey Gay Jump PV as a wake up call bleh


Maou promo @ Osama no Brunch
It's good, like a brief review of what will happen on episode one



*please don't post the link on public*

this Maou poster that Tarina *my ickle sis'* took at Harajuku

interesting! i like arashi's new single for Maou theme :D
nothing much to write right now, i just finished my finals.. so kinda exhausted
tomorrow i will update toma's schedule for tomalicious.. the thread has been abandoned somehow since i last went hiatus

it's been four weeks since I last updated my LJ and i don't have a mood to update it right now, talking about stalkers...

still annoyed by someone,

Kyou 21-sai ni narimashita 

Thank you so much for all the birthday greetings from tomalicious no minna, especially bai for her delicious gift LOL

Last night also Tarina called me for over than 3 hours. Well, our daily habit when we get each other on the phone is bashing people XD I can’t believe it’s been four years already that we’ve been friends ^^ (well although we started to close since three years ago) hahaha

Actually nothing special with my 21st birthday, I realized I’m getting older and it’s not really something to celebrate XD but last year and two years before I got my best friends to celebrate it for me, they used to bought me a cake and had a food fight after that. Tanoshikatta, but now I’m having a little bit of problem with them and though they congrats me on message or by phone, something is missing since they’re not around with me to do crazy things together :S

Feel a bit lonely ne…

but anywayyy....
I'm so excited, Maou's CM has been released and look how kakkoii Toma is!!!
and I feel that Ohno's dark aura really kowaaii, look how easy the line that he said on the cm but it already gaved me a creepy feeling.. haha he's such a great actor LOL
and of course Ikuta Toma too ^^

I can't wait for July 4th, I LOVE his hair, I still don't like his little beard on his chin because it looks weird.. i mean his face overall is really clean except his chin

Happy Birthday to Ah Yat and Nobuta Chan too
we both born in the same day

twin brother! twin sis XD hehee

okay gtg now ^^ sya all :D



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